Saravana Hospital

Blood Bank Enquiries : +91 9585500113

For Ambulance: +91 9787116116


A Center for Medical Excellence, functioning with 60 beds, where new and advanced techniques of the Modern Medicines are supplemented with Traditional Medicines. The hospital was started with the intention of providing quality and affordable health care to the poor and needy community.

Saravana Hospital is a Multispeciality Integrated hospital with advanced equipments, latest technologies and therapies which gives a total health care for the patients.

Saravana Hospital rendered its splendid and sumptuous services for more than two decades for the people community. A person who comes with scathing problems is given salubrious treatment with perfect care.

Patients are given spunk therapies, mentally and physically through yoga and siddha treatments. This will make them surmount easily out of their medical discomforts.

Saravana Hospital is a place where each and every members of a family from Pediatric to geriatric are treated with gentle care for perfect health for their life time.

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